Monday, November 16, 2015

~Ups and Down~


There will be time in our life we feel demotivated, hopeless, frustrated and all the negative thought that play continuesly  in our mind.

We want to give up and just let time decide for us.

Well, as a muslim, we have Allah The Almighty to help us to keep going and overcome any obstacles on the road.

We do know that no matter how bad or good the thing that is happening to us, It is the best plan that Allah has for us. We should be grateful for everything that we have now.

Maybe, just maybe, if we have everything that we want in our life, we will tend to forget our Creator, we will enjoy life without worship HIM.

He knows what is the best for us, do not argue or question all HIS plan but keep on digging the 'hikmah' in everything.

Open up our horizon and not just looking at one point of view only.

Be strong and never give up ya.

Allah is always with us we are the one who always go away from HIM.

If we are in pain, or struggling right now, lets turn back to HIM.

May Allah guide us all in finding iman and strength to overcome any obstacles on the road


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