Tuesday, May 24, 2011


~running away is not an option~ picture by peace-love-tea of deviantart~

to learn from mistakes
it is not easy
you do know it is wrong but yet you still love doing it
you will only regret and feel sorry for yourself once you feel...

'if I do it earlier, I can do better'
'if I study hard, I will get great result'
'if I really do my best, if I really focus, I can do better'
if I'm not playing, I will achieve better result'


Every time it happens,
the best that you can say will be sentences starting with the word 'if...'
endless 'if', and it will continuously, repeatedly being use when the time comes for you to:
submit assignments
take examination
failure of getting good result
break up with someone
feel hopeless
regret of wasting time

you will try to change
you said to yourself that you will work harder, be more focus, appreciate time and you promise to yourself that you will try to change to be a better person.

as time pass by, you will tend to forget about your own promises to yourself
then, you will have to face the situation back and end up with the word 'if' again.

As a mukmin, you will not do the same mistakes repeatedly over and over again.
you will learn from it and you will not allow yourself to do the same mistakes again.
you will work hard, you will feel ashame of what you have done.
your duty as a Allah servant.

what have you achieve?
is it enough? everything that you do?
what is your achievement?
are you ready to stand in front of Allah and tell everything that you have done?
is this the best that you can do as His servant?
is this the way you repay back everything that Allah gave you?
is this the best that you can do?
by doing everything that you do now, do you believe it will make you be in Jannah
you end up in hell fire? nauzubillah.

please,please, and please...
learn form mistakes, don't ever repeat it over and over again
you are a great person, a great khalifah
it is just, 
you don't use your full potential.

check back your iman
check back everything about yourself
work hard and never ever give up.
rely to Allah.believe in Allah. 
because HE always knows what best for you.
HE will never ever leave you
HE will always be beside you

what are you waiting for?
start to change!
plan ahead and work hard!

consistency is hard to achieve
but once you can control it,
there will be nothing that can stop you to achieve your dream

~a reminder to myself~



  1. A reminder for me too =)

  2. masyallah
    stu pringatan yg baikk syukran jazillan waha sang da'i ku syg... smoga Allah sentiasa mguatkn kakimu tuk teguh mengalas tangungjwb sbagai khalifah di pentas dunia ini, smoga jiwa2 yg kontang kembali basah dgn curahan tintamu yg sring menyeru tuk kmbali memuhasabah diri n brusaha mndkatkan diri kpdaNYA
    uhibukifillah ^__^

  3. @ adil
    we remind each other k dear :)

  4. @elzahra

    kak tun, alhamdulillah
    satu peringatan buat ina juga sebenarnya, sebab tu tulis moga yang membacanya turut mendapat manfaatnya

    insyaAllah :)
    uhibbukifillah abadan abada~ :)