Sunday, May 8, 2011

~my love~

I call her 'mama'
she's the one who giving birth to me
Alimah binti Abdullah

I really love her
the way she love all her kids
the way she raise us
the way she smile
everything about her, makes me proud.

she's so strong
keep on living despite all the things that happen around her
whether I hurt her, disappointed her
she's always there
always with me, always help me, always support me

I really proud of her.
I want to be like my mom
so strong and never ever give up in life no matter what happen

I want to be and stay with her in Jannah
may Allah bless my mom
may Alla guide us all the way there

to my beloved mom
I love you so much
Only Allah knows how much I love you and want to be with you forever in Jannah
may Allah guide us all the way there.
I'm going to improve myself mama
I'm going to make you happy
this is my promise to you.


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