Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~time to wake up!~

~time to wake up, to be  the servant only to Allah~
~picture by farcry77 of deviantart~

focus on things that you can control
your attitude
your behaviour
your time management


let go of the things that you can't control

others thought about you
exam result

after realize this 2
it is like open up my eyes
for myself to see through
everything that occur to me now

it is like something that really wakes me up
I'm Allah servant, 
The Creator of the universe
but am I really His servant?
or I'm being a slave to myself?

unable to control myself, preventing myself from commit sins
unable to control myself to have a good time management
unable to control my nafs
unable to be a great person


I have been a slave to myself
If I'm His servant,
there will be nothing that prevent me to do good things 

This is wrong.
I am the leader of myself
I am the khalifah for the ummah
I am His servant

I don't want to be stuck and trap in my own self.
It's like I'm stuck in jail, with no way out
It's like I'm stuck with the surroundings, people thought and imagination
I want to have a good life and here after,

I don't want to be the slave to myself anymore
I just want to be HIS servant
only to Allah and no one else

I have to do something
I have to wake up and improve myself
no more
from now onward
will try to focus more on the things that I can control
the rest I leave it to Allah S.W.T.

work hard and move on
no more worries

may Allah bless


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