Monday, July 25, 2011


picture by Dr4kon of Deviantart~

when you lost control on yourself
you will lose everything
when you lost conscious of your soul
you will gain nothing
when you don't have the courage to change
you will never ever suceed
when you let surrouding control you
you will be the servant of yourself

on what purpose you are living on earth?
is it just to complete your duty?
is it just to be happy?
is it just to have fun and singing?
is it just to be a follower and do everything?

you are the leader in life
you are Allah servant and khalifah on earth
what have you done to fulfill your destiny?
what have you done to fulfill your duty?

ask yourself
what is your achievement so far
to guarantee your place in heaven?
what have you done for Palestine?
what have you done to yourself?

do you have some respect to yourself?
have you really work hard?
how long have you live?

have some respect
allow yourself to change to be a better person
work hard, discipline yourself
utilize your time well

Allah is always with you
will never leave you



  1. another such a very nice entri..i love it so much..<3

  2. when you lost control on yourself
    you will lose everything

    im agree..jzzk

  3. @murni yusoff
    alhamdulillah jazakallah ya ukhti :)

    @shairazi sharizam
    may Allah bless

    insyaAllah amin~