Thursday, December 15, 2011



time is running out


please pray for me

may Allah bless

I'm a student
learning and doing mistakes is part of the journey
I learn from it
I improve from it
I become a better person from it

will never stop learning
when we stop learning we stop leading.

keep on improving as a student

people make mistakes
the best thing is to give forgiveness
it will set yourself free from it.

learn to love
learn to forgive
learn to forget
learn to improve

never stop learning
keep on improving.

never ever give up when you fail your exams
you are just a step back from your success

keep on trying and do your very best
it is not the end of life when you fail
it is just part of your learning process in life.

We will always be a student
till our last breath on earth
and face the biggest exam there
in front of our Creator

Do your best as a student of the universe
the results of the exams will be either heaven or hell fire

may we pass our exams


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  1. This touches my heart, so strongly.