Saturday, June 2, 2012

~Hard Time~

picutre by angedevil of deviantart
when hard time comes the best thing to do is don't ever give up

when hard time comes to you
it feels like the end of the world
everything seems wrong
everyone ignore you
you stuck in your own world
in your own misery world
there is no way out
every door is close for you
your thought ask you to give up
your iman ask you to stay strong

battle of your innerself

'this is hard'
'everything has a solution'
'I'm not good enough'
'maintain your consistency to improve yourself'
'I hate myself'
'Allah always give you chances to improve yourself'

when the battle happen inside you
it is the hardest battle in the world
to fight against your nafs and the evil
when you are not strong enough to endure everything

always remember that you have Allah besides you
always with you
but your ignorance make you feel you are far away from HIM.
stay close to Allah
improve your ibadah towards HIM

no matter how hard your life is now
there is something good that awaits you

believe that Allah will help you
do your very best with your maximum effort

you can do it
no matter how many time you fall
no matter how many time you fail
no matter how many time you down
always get up and continue your steps on the right path

this is a never ending journey till the judgment day.
then you will be place forever either in Hell of fire or Jannah.

make your choice now, on earth.
Don't give up, as Allah is always with you.


p/s: sorry to all readers who drop by to my blog, a lots of things happens, please pray for me will ya? may Allah give us strength to continue our life as HIS servant. InsyaAllah~

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