Monday, April 18, 2011

~when there is only u~

picture by OhToast of deviantart~ examination~

when there is only you
just you
in the middle of the exam hall
who will you rely on?
answers paper from your friend?
hidden notes from your case?
answers from the sky?
you only rely to yourself
your hard work
your revision
you rely the most only to Allah.

Allah is with you all the way
Allah will never leave you
no matter you know the answer or not
Allah is with you.

during exams
is the test
to know your strength
your weaknesses
the result after the whole semester attending classes.
how it would be?


it doesn't matter.
the most important thing is
You learn something from it.
You gain something from it.
You realize where is your state during exams
whether you have really prepared.
it is all depend on you.

but sometimes
we don't realize
that we face examination in every second of life.
exams that Allah created for His servant.
but what we do is, 
we tend to ignore and act as it is not important.
but actually
it is the most important exams in the whole wide world
the result will be either hell or heaven.
where is our state at this moment?
are we ready yet?
lets re-think back.

try to balance both exams
we will gain what it is really call as


All the best of luck to all.

may Allah bless~

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